Code of Conduct
It is Henrik Vibskov´s intention to always implement solutions with environmental awareness. Meaning that:
Ethics & Anti-Discrimination
  • We are respectful to differences, in race, religion, sexuality and do not tolerate any behaviour towards others that shows otherwise. Everyone should be treated with courtesy and care. Any kind of harassment that creates a hostile work environment will result in discipline, including termination of employment. We consider examples of harassment as name-calling and slurs, negative stereotyping, and intimidation.
Short chain
  • We have moved the majority of our garment production closer to home; today 90% of our production is made in Europe, including some production within Denmark.
  • When possible, we choose organic, sustainable or recycled fabrics and materials. Our winter jackets are filled with Ecodown®, made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Surplus fabrics are used in re-orders and special edition items. Additionally, our suppliers use textile waste to develop new fabrics. Small details, like our buttons, are sourced from a biodegradable material, Corozo; a palm tree nut that is harvested after falling from the tree.
  • All handtags are made out of recycled paper and likewise our plastic packaging out of recycled plastic.
  • When it comes to our garment production, we support the conventions of the International Labor Organization and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Code of conduct
  • We require that all of our suppliers read, sign and return our Code of Conduct.
We try our best, but we still have a long way to go.